Code Blue Shelter Hotline

The AHTN Code Blue Shelter will open on very cold nights if we are fully staffed.  Staffing needs to be met by 1:00 pm.  Since we are a 100% volunteer mission, we ask you to check  often for updates.  We will announce the opening of the shelter by 1:00 pm.

The County will call Code Blue,  if it is 20 degrees or below for two consecutive nights.  This means the county's emergency services are notified of shelter opening.

AHTN will call Code Blue if the temperature drops to 26 degrees with wind-chill and precipitation determining factors.  The shelter will open only if it is fully staffed with volunteers.

Please call  the Family Service Homeless Hotline number:1-800-810-4434 to find out if we are open.  The Family Service Shelter is a partner with AHTN.
For Central Bucks Winter Emergency Shelter, contact Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless Hotline Number: