Other Missions

Homeless Outreach Team

Building trusting relationships with those who are homeless or in need is an important ministry of AHTN.  Volunteers are needed to make regular contact with folks under the direction of the HOT Program Coordinator.
Rejuvenation Station Mission

Showers, Food and Fellowship for our homeless friends on the second Wednesday of the month.  Please note that the stops are the same as Wheels to Meals.  Please also note that the bus only makes ONE trip, no more than 13 guests.  The YMCA in Fairless Hills will allow homeless to use their facilities as well.

This mission is possible through our Interfaith partners:

    Transportation  -  AHTN Bus,   Facilities - Fallsington Friends Meetinghouse
 AHTN Missions Helping Individuals to Move Forward                 
"Those in Need"
Nearly, every day the AHTN phone line receives calls, not only from volunteers, but also from people in need.  We provide references to organizations and agencies that may be able to help them. Occasionally, we are able to assist someone with a basic need. At a minimum, we are a welcoming listener to the concerns of individuals goingthrough pain and struggle. Sometimes this can give them the encouragement and hope they need to move forward in their lives.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a mission of AHTN which helps or assists local residents in Lower Bucks County.  The projects could range from helping a person(s) move, to helping with minor interior house repairs or yard work.   The HH Coordinator will go out to the property to determine and evaluate the project.  The prospective client will complete an application for review.  After AHTN staff discusses the project and approve the project a team will need to be created. An example of possible considerations would be repairing interior walls, spackling, sanding, painting, minor electrical and plumbing work or replacing a faucet, sink or bathtub.  Cleaning and maintenance of house, garage, shed and yard could also be considered.  Volunteers with general contracting skills are a plus.  Please contact Penny Martin at 215-550-3868 if you are interested in this type of volunteering.


Drive Team


AHTN receives many calls from our local homeless and residents who need rides to doctor appointments, counseling, court dates, food pantries, laundromats and thrift stores to obtain clothing.  Most of the requests are during the day, Monday through Friday.  Volunteer must use their own car and will not be reimbursed for gas or mileage.   It is recommended that you have someone else with you, especially if AHTN does not know the client very well.  We also will not permit females to drive male clients unless they have someone else with them.  Please contact Tom Drake at 215-200-5294 if you are interested in this very much needed mission.